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Whines about this year's Nanowrimo

Less than one week until Nanowrimo! I guess it's time to let myself free to the world before November comes. After that, you won't be seeing me for awhile.

To Do before 1 November:

1) Make sign to put on door. "Writer at work: DO NOT DISTURB" Even in an emergency, they're probably wiser to wait until December. I get interrupted every thirty minutes now. That's not going to happen anymore...I hope.

2) Figure out a way to shade my desk so it doesn't face my door. That's right, my desk in my dorm faces the door. According to Chris Baty, this is bad. Very bad. In the past I've had the privilege of having my desk face away from the door. I'm not so lucky now.

3) Finish math homework before midnight the first so I can write to my heart's desire and not worry about said math assignment. (Which reminds me, I need to ask something about it.)

4) I have a philosophy test at the beginning of November. Metaphysics [snores].


This year's Nanowrimo will be interesting! I'm actually starting this November with less planning than I ever had, even including my first one. All I have is a character, a time period, and a vague idea. That's even less than I had my first year when I said, "Okay, the girl goes crazy. What happens then?" Even then I knew the character's name, a little of her past, and I even had a chapter planned out. Okay, so I didn't follow the plan, but I had it.

This year, though? Nothing. No chapter sketches, no character sketches, nothing. I did a word war a few nights ago just to get a few ideas for my character, but that's it. I'm not even doing any fancy stuff like some people in nanowrimo are doing. Maybe Nanowrimo is getting easy now that I'm a fourth-timer and I'm just trying to wing it this year. Yeah, that's it.
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