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Update, finally

I can't believe I haven't updated today.

French test tomorrow. DE problem set due tomorrow afternoon. All the calc sections have a test either tomorrow or next week, so I spent all my time tonight running between three people, while the others were concentrating on one person at a time. It was that busy. I love my mean multitasking powers. Speaking of multitasking, the mountain of reading for women's studies has begun. We received our coursepacks on Tuesday. I should start reading ahead so I won't fall behind come November.

Also, Dr. Koch caught me talking to myself on the way to astronomy this morning. "I won't tell anyone," he said. It was amusing.

However, my mean multitasking powers are going to end soon, for I need to shower. I have a test to study for, a problem set to finish, and an Aurora meeting tomorrow morning. *flies*
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