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Math in German. Sweet.

I had three conversations today (i.e., more than "Hello, how are you doing?" and stuff that I had to talk about) without feeling at all uncomfortable. I'm proud of myself.

I saw the coolest thing at work tonight, though. A math book in German. Yes, it rocked. Especially when I saw "Integration by substitution" in German and shrieked that out, to which Nico and I pored over the pages and dove into the math and the German. (Keep in mind that neither of us knows German. She took some French in high school, and she's taking Japanese now. I've studied French, Spanish, and Latin--in that order of knowledge.)

Yes, that was fun. Come to think of it, I could probably teach myself foreign languages with math. I know the math, so the language would be the hard part. Hey, it could work; I've read about people teaching themselves languages with Harry Potter, which I could probably also do, considering I've practically memorized the books.

Hey, there's an idea...
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