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The results from yesterday are quite amusing, especially the last question. (If you're wondering, I voted for {Images, Graphic Content, Memes, Spoilers, Link dumps}.) I will do length if an entry is long even for me, but I won't cut an entry if it's just one or two screens long. That's ridiculous. I'm long-winded...and lazy.

Moving on, though. I read three articles for women's studies, including the one I have to write the key argument for. I still have to read for French, finish last problem for DEs, work on my Egrade stuff for DEs, read for astronomy, and start studying for the astronomy test. We get it on Thursday, and most of the class was bemoaning the fact that the test was the same weekend as Black Cat formal. As I'm not one for formals or big crowds (I didn't have much fun last year, although the food was good), I probably won't go this year. It's funny, though. Some people are bemoaning the lack of date. If I were into crowds and music so loud that I couldn't carry on a conversation, I'd go, date or no. But I'm not into it, so I'm not going.
On to other things. I found this a few days back, and it amused me muchly. (The links from that are amusing, just to let you know.) It made me think of why I started an online journal in the first place, which was so people I knew in real life could peek into what they viewed as the sacred Dr. Nbook. So I did that and got some really interesting feedback. When I think about it, no drama really erupted from Tail, even though it could have. What I write just isn't really that drama-laden, even though I knew (and still know) enough people that it could. For this I'm thankful.
Also, the Nanowrimo forums open tomorrow! Of course, they'll probably be down for about a week because the servers will crash like they do every year at this time. Some of you need to sign up so you can do this, although that might not happen for a few days. As for those who haven't converted yet... *cough* Do it. You know you want to. *dangles bait*
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