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So much to say, so little time.

Yesterday was Renu's birthday. Stephanie, Maya, and I (Bria was invited too but couldn't come) went to Renu's aunt and uncle's house for a traditional Indian dinner. I have two words for that. Absolutely amazing. I can't remember the names of all the foods I had there, but all the food there was fantastic, even the vegan-friendly cake we had for dessert. (We bought it at Java Monkey on the way there, where I ran into Dr. Depree on the way there. He had a date with him. This amused me muchly. Maybe it's because I was actually seeing a professor off campus and in a place I actually frequent, but still.)

After we got back, Renu, Stephanie, and I went back to Java Monkey for caffeine and stayed for some of the open mic poetry before going back to Agnes. I stayed up and was going to try to get some work done before helping trash the quad at the start of Black Cat, but Nell decided to tell me that I suck, so I found myself in the chat before going to the quad. I made it at 11:45. Just in time to find myself wrapping caution tape around trees, blowing balloons, and joining in the class spirit. I looked out at the quad this morning. There's caution tape EVERYWHERE. Seriously. The second floor of Alston looks okay, but the quad looks amazing. It's packed with yellow. Okay, it's packed with caution tape, some of which I'm responsible for because I got tired of feeling useless in Alston and I saw the tape. The important part is the yellow, though.

Speaking of decorations, Agnes takes its grass extremely seriously. We just had to plant new grass (okay, the school, not the students), and since we were putting stuff all over the quad last night, some people brought this up. We actually received an e-mail about this today from Dean Lucy.

Some of the quad decorations are covering our tender shoots of new grass. This will kill the grass before it has a chance to become the beautiful green carpet we have come to love and cherish at Agnes Scott. These decorations must be moved tonight or the offending classes will have points deducted. Please help your class and Agnes Scott and remove or relocate these decorations.

Am I the only person who finds it amusing that we take our grass so seriously?

Speaking of amusing, the Internet has been on the fritz all weekend, culminating in the Trillian logoff this afternoon. How does ITS contact us about this?


Okay, so they used voice mails too. I just find it funny that e-mail is the mode of communication used to tell the students that the Internet is down.

Speaking of Internet, though, I checked my consoles to see why I was logged off Trillian this afternoon, and I received this from AIM:

[02/10/2006 01:33:46 PM] *** Lost connection to network (Error Code: 10054).
[02/10/2006 01:33:51 PM] *** Reconnecting to AIM as "ecrivain42".
[02/10/2006 01:33:51 PM] *** Will attempt 10 connections with 60 second intervals.
[02/10/2006 01:33:51 PM] *** Error logging into AIM: Error code 29: We think this means the AIM/ICQ servers are sick of seeing connections from your IP address. Wait a few minutes and try again.
[02/10/2006 04:31:24 PM] *** Reconnecting to AIM as "ecrivain42".
[02/10/2006 04:31:24 PM] *** Will attempt 10 connections with 60 second intervals.
[02/10/2006 04:31:24 PM] *** Connecting to AIM as "ecrivain42", attempt #1.
[02/10/2006 04:31:24 PM] *** You are now set as "away".

It's the "sick of seeing connections" part that makes me laugh. It makes me wonder how many people manually reconnected at the same time. (I didn't; I wasn't there at the time.)
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