Sushi (sushimustwrite) wrote,

There is no need to leave the computer anymore. Look at this:

> e-mail (Yahoo!, Hotmail, Agnes)
> Diaryland
> Livejournal
> Xanga
> Facebook
> vampire game
> Leaky Lounge
> Scotties Groups
> Wikipedia

And by the time you check out all of them, enough time has passed that you have to check all of them again. Crazy.

And now Leaky has made a game that I haven't gotten to try out yet. I meant to do it yesterday, but (more) productive things were calling my name.


Oh, and another thing...

The Allurists Guild informs you that business near Ruby and 20th has been slow lately. Persuade 3 prestigious vampires (with at least 500 blood) to visit Fiddler's Tavern there and tell the bartender "Sushi sent me". You have ten days. You must not set foot inside the pub yourself during the quest - drunks give us a bad name.

947a, 24 juin
Tags: diaryland, harry potter, links, lists, livejournal, vampires
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