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I think the world is plotting against me.

Look at the first week of November. Just look!

Tuesday (1 November) and everything beforehand
* Start researching for anthro project/paper (the proposal is due Monday, and I have no idea what I'm researching.)
* Finish math homework (due Wednesday)
* Finish reading from Le Horla for French and questions on it for French for Wednesday
* Research my part for philosophy disputation
* read article for group reading on Wednesday
* start writing Nanowrimo novel

Wednesday (2 November)
* write novel
* research
* philosophy disputation
* anthro group reading presentation
* start writing that week's response paper for anthro
* math homework due
* receive math quiz

Thursday (3 November)
* write novel
* study for philsophy test
* write anthro paper
* research
* presumably, more of Le Horla, and it's hard to read ahead because she gives us handouts containing what we have to read (Wow, I actually have to-gasp-work in French now.)

Friday (4 November)
* write novel
* philosophy test
* anthro paper due
* presumably, another math assignment
* also presumably, we'll have our just-turned-in assignments back and be working on corrections
* math quiz due

I'm glad I didn't tell family to come down for family weekend (which happens to be 4-6 November). I wouldn't have time to spend with them, but I don't mind that too much. They're used to my insanity in November (or rather, more insanity in November). They just don't accept it as a social norm.

And sometime before the first, I need to do laundry too. Maybe everyone will be out tonight and I'll have the laundry room to myself. Ha. I guess I can dream. It's worth a try, though.

sushimustwrite's Halloween party:

alfvaen dressed as a new superhero: Duke Surfer, and it suited them all too well.
altoidsaddict dressed as Harry Potter.
cassanndra dressed as a department.
decembersvirtue dressed as the Flesh Power Ranger.
kyaathecatlord dressed as Rush Limbaugh riding a horse.
larian_journals dressed as Brad Pitt.
mermaidkween dressed as a Burnett, Roesch & Imig UnitedAmalgamated employee.
midoriliem dressed as a bottle of Metaaver.
moonglade_swan dressed as the Governor of Oklahoma.
peppery_lime dressed as a safety for the Browns.
potterpuffs dressed as Nymphadora Tonks.
sohateful dressed as Optimus Prime, and it suited them all too well.

Throw your own party at the Hallomeme!
Created with phpNonsense

In case you're wondering, I dressed up as the Grey Lady, Ravenclaw House Ghost. Speaking of the ghosts, check the Halloween art at the Lexicon!
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