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Fracking pain

My lower abdomen hurts. Seriously, OW. I could hardly get out of bed this morning, and then I nearly fainted on the toilet. Yeah, not good. But I did manage to make a bowl of oatmeal, eat it, take some ibuprofen, and call Mum to tell her that I had some health issues that were not your run of the mill health issues. (A cold or sinus infection? Eh, I'll recover, even if being sick is no fun. This? Could be serious and they might be able to help.) I even managed to get up to answer the phone while it was charging. That took some real progress, let me tell you.

If this does turn out to be serious, proofreading my NOWD donor novel and getting the character excerpts out might not happen this weekend like I planned to do. Ah well. Thanks for coming during an otherwise nonbusy day, medical emergency!

At least all this happened this weekend and not next weekend. Andrew Bird is coming to Atlanta on the 17th, which happens to be next Saturday and David's birthday. If I got sick during that I'd have to open a can of health whoopass.
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Hello there LJ. I am alive. It is February. I have some very affectionate terms (ha!) for this month, but so far February has been pretty good. It'll be even better this weekend with two They Might Be Giants/JoCo shows.

I'm still catching up on lots of things in Dr. Nbook, but at least I've caught up on the Nano stuff. Seriously, there's stuff from October I haven't written about yet. Oops.

February is Wikiwrimowrimo over at Wikiwrimo. Thirty article contributions in twenty-nine days. I'm ahead but only because I've been doing things I meant to do before February. Oops? Maybe I'll finish those and then get on to real contributing.

Probably the real reason I haven't updated is because there's so much to talk about and I haven't gotten around to writing everything down, along with the fact that I've been thinking a lot about the consequences of letting other sites host your content and the future of my journalling. More on that later, though. Truth be told the real stuff that hasn't been written down is from Octoberish, so maybe I should just start writing as if nothing happened.

So yes, I have lots of Thoughts About Things. More on them later, though. Time to tackle these ribs with a vengeance. I hear computer keyboards don't like barbeque sauce.
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2011 goal update and 2012 goals

It's time for me to start writing more regularly again. I know, I know. So to get started let's take a look at my post-NaNo 2010 goals (which rougly align with 2011) and how I did on them.

1. Get a job.
Well, I'm doing things that I get paid for. I count this as a win enough, though I wouldn't complain about more.
2. Move out.
3. Adhere to my 2011 Writing Schedule of Doom. See below for that schedule.
3a. Do Jannowrimo, NaNoEdMo, Script Frenzy, the Three-Day Novel Contest, and NaNoWriMo.
Check! I even squeezed in a Camp NaNoWriMo session to boot.
3b. Complete at least one more version of my first 2009 novel and my first 2010 novel.
Not so check! I did finish another draft of my first 2009 novel and adapted my first 2010 novel for Script Frenzy, but not much progress has been made on those.
4. Go to NaNoWriMo’s Night of Writing Dangerously.
Check check check check check check check!
5. Read at least 25 books that I haven’t read before.
I upped this goal to 30 on GoodReads, a goal I probably won't reach this year. I'm at 23, I think. I foresee a last-minute reading binge.
6. Pursue whatever direction in life I decide to go.
Still figuring this one out.
7. Make Wikiwrimo the best source for NaNo-related info.
Considering Wikiwrimo got featured on the NaNo homepage right after site launch, I think this is a win.

Now for the post-NaNo 2011 goals, which are roughly 2012 goals.

0. Get a more stable job or at least turn what I'm doing now into a stable business.
1. Rewrite the first 2010 NaNo.
2. Do some kind of physical activity every day. (I've been doing well on this so far, believe it or not.)
3. Launch the first Wikiwrimo Writing Month (February!). I'm writing the page for this right now.
4. Be more social outside of NaNo. This may mean (gasp) interacting with non-Wrimos.
5. Get my finances straightened out.
6. Do Wikiwrimowrimo, NaNoEdMo, Script Frenzy, Three-Day Novel Contest, and NaNoWriMo. Maybe I'll do a Camp NaNoWriMo session too if I come up with a plot. (Holy balls, my late winter/early spring is going to be ridiculous.)
7. Go on a date. Note that I said go on a date, not get in a relationship. I am perfectly okay with this one date goal.
8. Learn to cook better.
9. Install that home server. Also, if I do get a new laptop, finish The Longest Journey and install Linux From Scratch on the old one. Because I can. :D
10. Read 25 books I haven't read before.

That's my 2012. What about you?
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Hi LJ. I haven't been here in awhile.

1. I hit 130k today and am still going strong. Not as strong as I'd like given that certain people are topping me at the moment, but I'm still going.

2. Since people may want a last chance reminder, here's your last chance reminder for the NOWD fundraiser. I have deadlines up now for things: noon Eastern time tomorrow (Thursday) for the outfit, the 20th for the novel (which is currently going for $100), and for those who care, the time for official NOWD prizes and extra raffle tickets ends at 11:59pm Pacific Time tomorrow (Thursday). I am dangerously close to raising more than Lindsey. As in less than ten bucks dangerously close. And I've raised the same amount as Rachael Herron.

3. What happens when you put a bunch of overachievers in one place? WAY TOO MUCH AWESOME FOR ONE BULLET POINT, THAT'S WHAT. :D That was last weekend, by the way.

4. I leave for San Francisco on Friday. Yaaaaaaaaaay! :D Oh my Baty, I'll be in California. :D
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Today I wrote a book

Word count: 50,004

Yes, you read that correctly.

Awhile back a few folks at the NaNo forums (*cough*cosmam*cough*) talked me into doing a 50k day one. I accepted this challenge and took it today. And well... Let this Google doc of my progress tell you how I did (spreadsheet also courtesy of cosmam). Note that I was significantly behind for most of the day but apparently rule at catching up.

I wrote only 3k at the midnight kickoff at my place. The last folks left at 3am, and the party was lots of fun--we had ten people show up! David's evil scheme to put me behind on 50k day worked, but it didn't put me down. As soon as everyone left and I cleaned up the stuff that was actual mess I went to my room and started writing and caffeinating. I took a couple of 15-minute power naps throughout the day but otherwise stayed up all night, and I used Dropbox to write nearly 1k on my way to and from tutoring today. This was probably the vital 1k that saved me, as I finished with barely ten minutes to go.

And then I had a celebratory drink; if I hadn't succeeded it would have remained untouched until December.

Oh, and the best part? I hit THE END on the book too.

#50kkillmenow? #50kkilledit.

But now I sleep since I haven't done much of that over the last few days. Mmmm, sleep.
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I did all the things today. Well, except actual work, but my schedule is flexible enough that I can do it over the rest of the week. I can deal with that, especially since my brain will need a break from massive amounts of writing after day one. Moderate amounts of writing will have to do.

There were things I would have liked to finish before the first, like journalling and writing other pep talks, but they're things I can do later. I don't have to have my pep talk for the ninth ready right now, though it would certainly be nice. And I don't have to have my Night of Writing Dangerously donor pep talks ready yet. But the laundry's done and I have clean clothes and I have food ready beyond the frozen dinners that I'll probably be eating tomorrow and I have my Adopt a Day pep talk for the day after tomorrow and I've paired all the newbies and mentors and I've sent a friend something she needed that I had and I've done my first @NaNoWordSprints session and I haven't died. Yet.

And I'm hosting a midnight kickoff party at my place, and ten people have already said they were coming. This includes David and me. Holy wow.

All things considered, I think I'm in pretty good shape. As the sign Tia got me yesterday says, "Keep calm and carry on."

I think I can handle that.
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My pre-NaNoWriMo to-do list

I love to-do lists. They keep me organized, and I can cross things off when they're done. Bonus points if I put every item on a Post-it note and hang them on my wall so I can take the Post-it down when that item is finished, rip the note up, and toss it.

So here's this year's Pre-NaNo to-do list.

* write pep talks
-three NOWD donor pep talks (contact donors to see when they'd like the pep talks)
-one Adopt a Day pep talk (by 2 Nov)
-two regional pep talks (by the end of Week One for one, the other is more flexible)

* catch up on journaling to this point
-I have two major events left, but these are major events. We're talking weekend-long events here. This may take most of my spare time over the week.

* Cook food so I don't have to cook as much during the first week or two of Nano
-I have four frozen dinners and five packs of ramen for November first and those nights when I really don't feel like cooking, but I don't want to eat these the entire month. Even though I'll be away from my kitchen for about a third of the month (the Overachiever Invasion, Night of Writing Dangerously weekend, and Thanksgiving weekend), I still want to eat reasonably healthily, and cooking in advance and freezing meals is a good way to make sure I do so.

* Acquire the last few needed groceries before starting all this cooking.

* Various ML stuff.

* Three kickoff parties the upcoming weekend. For those in the Atlanta region, there's one on Saturday evening followed by two on Sunday. See this thread for details and how to RSVP. (It's so close!)

And then the noveling begins...
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Thoughts from the Nano food front

A couple of things:

If NaNo is messing with my productivity and sleep schedule now, imagine what it'll do in November. No, life, I need to get work done. I can't spend all day on the NaNo forums. I would like to have money to fund my Night of Writing Dangerously shenanigans and write-in food and drink fund.

I also need to figure out what to cook for the first week of NaNo. A couple of years ago I was smart enough to cook enough food for a week and heat up individual portions as needed. Yes, this meant that I ate a lot of the same thing for nearly a week, but that was worth being able to sit down and write without worrying about food to me. Maybe I'll get lucky and I can stock up on cheap non-crappy frozen dinners again before the first for those really desperate times. (I already got two of them in anticipation of November first, along with a few packs of ramen. Don't worry, I eat real food most of the time. The ramen I ate the evening of NaNo site launch is an exception, not the rule.)

So I need some quick meals that I can cook before the first, preferably things I can cook all at once, freeze, and then pop in the oven or microwave before eating. Quick and inexpensive to fix are always better. I'm cooking for just myself, so almost any recipe will give me enough for leftovers. Ideas?
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Soon after the new NaNoWriMo site launched last night, I found myself on there, refreshing intermittently while doing other things.

There's one very big thing from the relaunch.

Wikiwrimo is the very first site featured in the Procrastination Station... meaning it's on the front page of NaNoWriMo right now.

Oh. My. Baty. Threads I've started have been featured there, but never a website I built. Then again, Wikiwrimo is the first NaNo-related site I've built. Still, seeing it on the front page of NaNo is ridiculously awesome. I BUILT that site, after all. My Wikiwrimo is all grown up.