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Adding chaos to the world, one thought at a time.

Welcome to the asylum.

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I used to be ecarrotsushi. I bought a rename token.

I've journaled online since June 2001. All 800+ of those entries are now archived in this journal.

Last time I wrote a userinfo, I tried to combine five different themes into one. The result was a train wreck even I didn't want to witness.

I support drama-free friending and de-friending, so add or remove me at will. Feel free to drop by the journal anytime, friended or not.

This place needed some color, but then LJ switched to the new Scrapbook and lost a bunch of my links.

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My old profile is still pretty accurate.

Writer. Math geek. Grammarian. Wikipedian. Triviac. Nerd.
I'll put something more specific later.

Credits and Such

denimskirt made my gorgeous Amélie mood theme. You can find it here.
crackified made my hilarious Teen Girl Squad mood theme. You can find it here.
regenvogel made my xkcd mood theme of romance, sarcasm, math, and language. You can find it here.
thefulcrum made my (last) functional yet pretty layout. You can find it here.
Most icons are credited to their makers in the comments. I didn't make most of them. Feel free to take them (with credit, of course!).


I have a rather diverse taste in music, or so I like to convince myself. Here, have a music chart and spy on my listening habits. I also abuse shuffling like no one's business.

ecarrotsushi's Profile Page

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